The STI International Community is accessible globally as a public service of STI International to its Members as well as all persons and organisations interested in semantic technologies.

You can browse the STI Community; access the latest news from STI members, their projects and events; see showcases of semantic technologies; access public resources about semantic technologies; and semantic data; and view related media created by STI and its members.

Only STI members can provide content to the STI community, hence why not benefit from this opportunity to share with global experts and the world - join STI.

STI Agora

STI Agora – is a real time, open blogging platform for STI members so that we can archive all STI organisation and members’ activities in real time and encourage a Web based interchange of media and ideas.

STI Emporium

STI Emporium – is the STI members marketplace, providing a means to post job opportunities and searches, and to showcase semantic technology-based products, both open source and commercial.

STI Kudos

STI Kudos – is a platform for community challenges, where solutions using semantic technologies will be sought from the STI members. Kudos will encourage researcher efforts and competitive cooperation to show how semantics can act as a solution for real world problems.

STI Minerva

STI Minerva – will be a specialized community Wikipedia for semantic technology, driven by the STI members. It will offer regularly updated technical information and resources about semantics to researchers and professionals.

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