Welcome to STI Kudos!

As we would realize from other international contests or competitions in the fields of the arts or sciences, the challenge contest is a common way to encourage researchers’ efforts and competitive cooperation in a technical society. STI Kudos is a web site of challenges for semantic technology.

STI Kudos identifies core technical challenges or projects through a broad collection of society opinion, surveys of the current and on-going hot issues, and the trends of technological innovation. The developed problems along with the evaluation criteria will be posted on STI Kudos. Researchers or groups of researchers will be challenged to solve these problems or to develop more efficient systems. The results from tackling the posted issues will be uploaded to spread the updated, innovated research outcomes immediately. STI Kudos will show the current status of the technical challenges and maintain the ranking of each problem or project.

In co-operation with industry, it may also be that some challenges will be connected with an award. Otherwise, the award is simply the honour of being the one to best address the challenge.

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