#ESTC2010: Program Highlights

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SESAME consortium partner wins Serbian innovation award

The Belgrade-based software company eSmart Systems won the highly renowned national innovation award at the Festivalu informatičkih dostignuća.

Read the clipping here.

Congratulations from the project consortium!!

Sesame is looking for test users!

FTW is a nationally leading and internationally acclaimed center for
research and development of technologies for future communication systems.

As a part of a research project on energy-efficient semantically-enabled
smart home systems (SESAME: http://sesame.ftw.at) we are looking for
test users to carry out the user tests. The aim of the user test is to
verify the appropriateness of the system’s user interface for everyday
use by non-expert users.

SESAME Public Demonstration

On October 1, 2010 the SESAME consortium held a public presentation at Hotel Sacher in Vienna, where the prototype was introduced to the press and invited experts from the energy industry. The session was opened by Dr. Wolrad Rommel, managing director of FTW Vienna, followed by contributions from each project partner.

5th project meeting held in Vienna, Austria

The last f2f-meeting of the SESAME project took place on September 30, 2010 at FTW Vienna. During this meeting the new version of the demonstrator has been asssembled for the public demonstration the following day bringing about a slight change in functionalities and design.

Outreach Events

If you are interested in getting to know more about Semantic Smart Metering you can meet us at the following outreach events and experience our demonstrator in action:

SeSaMe Demonstrator

After 9 months of development we can finally present the Semantic Smart Meter Demonstrator.

What still looks rather wild contains lots of “smartness”.

The Smart Meter provides all basic functionalities for metering the energy consumption.

4th project meeting held in Chernogolovka, Russia

From June 17 – 18, 2010 the consortium held its 4th project meeting at EZAN in Chernogolovka, Russia. Two days of itense prototyping kept us busy, but we finally succeded in integrating all hardware and software components of the metering system (for details conduct the following blogpost).

Enjoy some impressions of our journey!

Sesame Demonstrator Interface

SESAME Home implements several functions for Home Automation Network (HAN) monitoring and management. It is intended to be used for monitoring sensor values, environment, energy consumption and device availability. Also it is used for setting desired states for controlled locations and creating and re-planning device plans. The following screenshots give you an impression of the Sesame interface. We deliberatelly tried to make the GUI as intuitive as possible following the look and feel of contemporary touch screen designs.

User profiling and saving potentials

To gain an insight into behavioral patterns four in-depth interviews were conducted with two men and two women living in individual households. The sample was not meant to be in any way representative for a certain kind of cohort, social class or target group but was intended to identify occupancy patterns, device types and their corresponding usage. Therefore, two time frames have been analyzed.

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